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Date Night Ready: Valentine’s Day Skincare Routine For A Glowing Look

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate love and pamper yourself with a skincare routine that will leave you glowing. Whether you’re prepping for a hot date, planning a Galentine’s night with your girls, or enjoying some self-love, here’s a curated skincare routine designed to leave you with a glow!


Start your skincare routine with a cleanser! Cleansers are designed to remove dirt, oil, makeup, and other impurities, leaving your skin clean and refreshed. Additionally, cleansers can help unclog pores, prevent acne breakouts, and prepare the skin for the application of other skincare products. 

What we recommend: Day + Night Lavish Cleanser – A gentle oil-based cleanser to help remove impurities, oil + makeup build-up, and soothe the skin with rose extracts.



Next, use a mild exfoliator to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, promoting an even and smooth complexion. Exfoliation promotes skin renewal, unclogs pores, and can improve the texture and tone of the skin. Regular use of exfoliators can contribute to a brighter, more radiant complexion and enhance the effectiveness of other skincare products.

What we recommend: True Grit Exfoliant – A gentle exfoliant that promotes an even and smooth skin complexion. Use 2-3x per week to assist in overall skin texture.



Third, use a hydrating face mask to infuse moisture into your skin. Made of a gel-like material infused with hyaluronic acid, these masks are known for their cooling and soothing effects on dry or dehydrated skin, as they adhere to the face. Once you apply it, leave it on for 15-20 mins while relaxing or watching your favorite rom-com.

What we recommend: Imprinting Hydrogel Mask – Deeply soothing hydrogel mask that is specifically designed to deliver intense moisturization of the face.



Fourth, apply a nourishing serum to allow the potent ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin. Facial serums also work to address specific issues and promote overall skin health. They typically have a lightweight and fast-absorbing texture and are formulated to target specific skincare concerns such as hydration, anti-aging, brightening, or blemish control. Serums are usually applied after cleansing and before moisturizing in a skincare routine to maximize their effectiveness.

What we recommend: Galilee Antioxidant Dewy Drop – This high-performance daily hydrating serum helps rebuild a compromised skin barrier while boosting moisture levels and increasing skin’s natural defenses against free-radical damage.



Step five involves giving special attention to the delicate skin around your eyes with the application of an eye cream. Eye creams help to reduce puffiness, minimize under-eye bags, and address pigmentation issues. They’ll ensure that your eyes sparkle all evening by lightening and reducing the appearance of dark circles.

What we recommend: Owl Multi-Peptide Eye Cream – This formula is loaded up with amino acid complexes, antioxidants, and powerful peptides which have been found to help smooth fine lines and wrinkles, boost collagen and elastin production, and prevent the degradation of existing collagen over time. 



Next, apply a nourishing night cream to aid in the repair and renewal of your skin, locking in moisture overnight for a hydrated and supple complexion. Night moisturizers are specifically crafted to support the skin’s natural nightly renewal processes, promoting overall skin health and rejuvenation. They deeply hydrate the skin, replenishing moisture lost during the day, maintaining elasticity, and preventing dryness. 

What we recommend: Snooze Cruise Night Cream – This is a deeply nourishing night cream that will help repair and renew the skin overnight. Apply as your last step in your evening routine to wake up with a healthy glow!



Finally, seal the deal with FACE FOUNDRIÉ’s Best Lip Balm Ever to keep your lips soft and kissable. Lip balm creates a protective barrier, shielding your lips from harsh environmental conditions like wind, cold, or dry air, preventing chapping and discomfort. It’s a simple yet effective way to maintain healthy and supple lips. Apply it as the last step in your evening routine and wake up with a healthy, glowing smile!

What we recommend: Best Lip Balm Ever – An ultra-moisturizing lip balm that soothes and repairs dry lips with its lightweight and effective formula.

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