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Glowing Through the Holidays: The Best Self-Care Gifts for Every Wish List | 2023

As the holiday season approaches, what better way to express love and thoughtfulness then gifting your friends and family with glowing skin? We’ve curated a collection of products that caters to every skin type whether you’re treating a skincare aficionado or introducing a friend to the benefits of a dedicated skincare routine.

1. The Blue Stuff

Serums make excellent skincare gifts for a variety of reasons, including brightening, firming, calming, and overall skin health. Serums are available for a variety of skin concerns, making them versatile gifts. FACE FOUNDRIÉ’s heavenly The Blue Stuff serum quenches thirsty and tired skin by hydrating, protecting, and nourishing the skin while reducing inflammation and addressing uneven skin tone. This serum is an all-in-one giving you everything you need in one adorable bottle. 

2. Collagen Spritz

This Collagen Spritz acts as a skin-revitalizing booster for everyday use. It instantly refreshes and hydrates the skin exactly when you need it! Simple and convenient, this spray can be used as a light refresher or makeup setting spray at any time of day and without the need for additional tools or products. It’s also suitable for all skin types, particularly those with sensitive skin or those trying to combat dull or dry skin during the season.

3. Botanical Exfoliating Pads

These botanically infused alcohol-free toner pads are the perfect gift for a men’s skincare routine or low maintenance beginners to skincare. Exfoliating pads are pre-soaked with exfoliating ingredients, making them convenient and easy to use. Made with salicylic and glycolic acids, these botanical pads remove dead skin buildup to brighten skin luminosity + correct breakouts and the appearance of large pores while improving skin texture.

4. Signature Scent No. 1 Room Spray

Our FACE FOUNDRIÉ Signature Scent No. 1 Room Spray allows you to turn any space into a luxurious spa! With a deodorizing agent, a few spritzes can instantly uplift and refresh any living space. Room sprays can make excellent gifts for various reasons: they provide a quick way to freshen up a room without the need for candles or diffusers, and can serve as a quick and effective way to refresh the home after cooking, cleaning, or simply to create a welcoming environment. 

5. A Facial

At FACE FOUNDRIÉ, we’ve created what we call a “focused” facial where professional skincare treatment is administered by a trained esthetician focusing on results. This 40-50 minute treatment works to target your skin concerns. So the next time you consider treating yourself or a loved one, book a focused facial at your local FACE FOUNDRIÉ facial bar! It’s a beauty secret worth sharing!



Skincare can be a relaxing and luxurious experience. So, why not give a FACE FOUNDRIÉ gift card to someone special? It’s a versatile gift that can be given for a variety of occasions, such as birthdays, holidays, or as a token of appreciation. A FACE FOUNDRIÉ gift card allows skincare enthusiasts or those new to skincare to explore different products, brands or facial services that they might not normally purchase for themselves, and allows the recipient to try new items and discover what works best for their individual skincare needs and preferences.

P.S When you purchase $100 in gift cards in store during the month of December you’ll receive a bonus $20 gift card!

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