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Summer Skincare Essentials: Sunscreens, Serums, and More

Summer is here, and it’s time to revamp your summer skincare routine to keep your skin healthy despite the scorching heat and increased sun exposure. To help you achieve glowing skin this summer, we’ve curated a list of esthetician-recommended best skincare products for summer along with some summer skincare tips!



Why it’s important: Sunscreen is an absolute must in your summer skincare routine, acting as a powerful shield against the harmful effects of UV radiation, including premature aging, painful sunburns, and the risk of skin cancer. Sunscreen also helps to maintain an even skin tone and preserve your skin’s youthful appearance.

Our top picks:  

  • Holifrog Daily Mineral Sunscreen
  • Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen

Image: Holifrog Solar Daily Mineral Sunscreen



Why it’s important: Using a hydrating facial mist can instantly refresh and hydrate your skin, making it perfect for hot summer days when you need a quick pick-me-up. Whether you’re at the beach, running errands, or just enjoying the sunshine, a facial mist can keep your skin feeling cool, hydrated, and revitalized throughout the day.

Our top pick

  • FACE FOUNDRIÉ® Collagen Spritz

Image: FACE FOUNDRIÉ Collagen Spritz


Hydrating Toner

Why it’s important: Maintaining balanced skin pH is especially crucial during the summer season when factors like increased sweat and sun exposure can disrupt your skin’s natural equilibrium. A hydrating toner helps rebalance your skin’s pH levels, ensuring that your skin stays hydrated and receptive to other skincare products, enhancing their effectiveness. 

Our top picks

  • PCA SKIN® Nutrient Toner
  • Holifrog Utopia Microflora Toner 

Image: PCA SKIN Nutrient Toner


Hydrating Cleanser

Why it’s important: During the hot summer months, increased sweat and humidity can make your skin more prone to oiliness and breakouts. By using a hydrating cleanser, you can effectively remove dirt, sweat, and excess oil without stripping away essential moisture. 

Our top picks

  • FACE FOUNDRIÉ® Day + Night Lavish Cleanser
  • Holifrog Tashmoo Cleanser

Image: FACE FOUNDRIÉ Day + Night Lavish Cleanser



Why it’s important: Even in summer, your skin needs hydration. Opting for lightweight, non-comedogenic moisturizers ensures that your skin receives the hydration it needs without clogging pores or feeling heavy. By providing adequate hydration, these moisturizers help prevent issues like flakiness and irritation.

Our top picks

  • Supergoop! Super Screen Daily Moisturizer
  • BIOEFFECT EGF Power Cream

Image: Supergoop! Superscreen Daily Moisturizer

Hydrating Serum

Why it’s important: Serums have a lightweight texture and penetrate deeply into the skin, they deliver concentrated active ingredients effectively. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin C are particularly beneficial for hydrating the skin and improving overall skin tone. 

Our top picks

  • FACE FOUNDRIÉ® The Blue Stuff
  • EGF serum by BIOEFFECT

Image: FACE FOUNDRIÉ The Blue Stuff


Remember to stay consistent with your skincare routine and protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Here’s to your best summer skin yet!

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