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We Want To Touch Your Face!

40-Minute Vacation For Your Face

Choose one of our 40-minute focused facials for a results-driven service with the perfect touch of relaxation!

The Sculpt

A client getting a Sculpt facial laying down in a salon chair.

Meet Our Bestie,
The Sculpt

The Sculpt, essentially a workout for your face, uses Hungarian massage + facial cupping to lift, tone and sculpt the face. It helps to reduce puffiness, promote lymphatic drainage and boost circulation!

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Cryo Queen

A facial spa client receiving a Cryotherapy Facial called the Cryo Queen.

Yasssss (cryo) queen

Our Cryo Queen facial (for kings + queens) uses cryotherapy to increase collagen production and boost radiance! Cold therapy, (or frotox), stimulates blood flow and circulation which helps with all skin concerns!

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A woman in a facial salon having dermaplaning done to her face to remove hair and improve skin texture.

An unwavering
fan-favorite facial!

Using a medical-grade scalpel, this gently removes the top layer of dead skin and peach fuzz to provide a deep exfoliation. This allows the skin to better absorb and use other products!
P.S. Your hair won’t grow back darker!

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Clean + Natural

A woman laying on a facial spa client bed getting a clean and natural facial service.

De-puff + De-Stress

This pregnancy-safe facial helps to boost skin cell turnover and rid you of any puffiness or inflammation by using a gua sha stone massage

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Foundrié Glow

A dark haired female client at FACE FOUNDRIÉ getting the Foundrié Glow facial service.

get that glow!

a deep cleanse, exfoliation and mask followed by a massage
of your choice. The Foundrié Glow will leave your skin hydrated, glowing and ready for the world. This is the perfect facial for any first-timer!

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A woman receiving a Hydrafacial Service at a FACE FOUNDRIÉ facial bar from a skin expert.

5 Steps, 40 Minutes, the best skin of your life

Show your face some love! HydraFacial uses a patented technology to deep clean your pores while simultaneously infusing your skin with intensive serums. Your skin will be left with
a glow that you will not believe!

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Unsure Which Facial Is Right For You?

Level Up Your Service

Add on one of our enhancements to customize your facial and target your specific skin concerns


A woman receiving a dermaplaning enhancement service as an add-on to her facial.

Exfoliating accelerated

Using a medical grade scalpel, our skin experts perform an exfoliating treatment by removing the top layer of dead skin + peach fuzz

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Chemical Peel

A woman client at a FACE FOUNDRIÉ location getting a chemical peel enhancement service.

Get that glow

A form of chemical exfoliation, or exfoliating your skin from the inside out to target concerns like acne, hyperpigmentation and fine lines

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Collagen Mask

A woman with a hydrating collagen mask on her face that she added as an enhancement service with her facial.

Crazy for collagen?

A freeze dried collagen mask that is activated on the skin to allow for instant absorption. From elegant aging to dry skin or sunburns, this is your go-to!

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Collagen Eye Mask

A facial client with collagen eye masks on her face to hydrate and depuff her undereye area.

Targeted hydration

Using the same systemic absorption technology as the collagen mask enhancement, this treatment hydrates and heals the under eye area!

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Jelly Mask

A technician applying a jelly mask to a female client wearing a branded FACE FOUNDRIÉ headband.

Our viral tik Tok service

Are you here for the gram? This is your enhancement of choice! This cooling jelly mask goes over the face and hardens for the most satisfying peel ever!

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Facial Cupping

A client getting a facial cupping enhancement service that she added on to her regular facial service appointment.

Tighten + tone

Facial cupping uses smaller and softer cups to increase blood flow to the face to boost collagen production, plump and tone

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Scalp Massage

A woman getting a relaxing scalp massage after her facial service at FACE FOUNDRIÉ.

The spa day essential

Want ultimate relaxation? We got you. Add on this heavenly massage for complete bliss at the end of your service! Fan favorite, for sure!

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LED Light

A facial client laying under an LED Light to enhance her skin, texture, and efficacy of her facial service.

A light show for your face

LED light therapy uses red and blue light to target aging and acne! Choose one color or do a mix of both for double the benefits!

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Unsure Which Facial Is Right For You?

20 Minutes Of Skincare Heaven

Book in for a 20-minute results-driven facial and leave feeling refreshed, glowing, and ready to take on your day. The best part? You still have 10 minutes left on your lunch break!

Mini Peel

A client receiving a mini peel, or a mini chemical peel to resurface her skin and improve the health and appearance of her skin overall.

Rapid results

A quick cleanse + consultation followed by your chemical peel

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Mini Derma

An esthetician giving her client a mini derma, or mini dermaplaning that the client used as an enhancement service.

Lunch break glow

Peach fuzz and dead skin be gone with a quick dermaplaning session!

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Mini mask

Mask me, baby

Instant dry skin cure! A quick cooling mask will leave you hydrated and ready to go!

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Unsure Which Facial Is Right For You?

Lashes, Brows + Waxing, Oh My!

We specialize in all things face including your brows + lashes. Show them some love with everything from eyelash extensions to a brow lamination

Brow Wax + Shape

Brows on fleek

With brow mapping and a full consultation our skin experts will clean up and shape your brows to leave them fresh and fleeky

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Brow Tint

Full + fabulous

A colored dye that tints the brow hair leaving them fuller looking while showing off the shape!

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Brow Henna

Bold + beautiful

This natural tint stains the skin and brow hair for a fuller filled-in shape which lasts anywhere from 10 days to 6 weeks!

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Brow Lamination

Better than soap

Using a perming solution to hold the brows into a fixed shape, this leaves them looking groomed and full with no maintenance!

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Vol. Full Set / Fill

Everyday is a good lash day

Our highly trained lash artists give you a full + voluminous look with a 3:1 extension to lash ratio

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Classic Full Set / Fill

Good lashes, good mood

Our highly trained lash artists give you a natural look with a 1:1 extension to lash ratio

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Lash Lift + Tint

Mascara, who?

Using a perming solution we replicate the lash curl you would get from a curler. Add a tint and va va voom!

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Unsure Which Facial Is Right For You?

Meet your b(esti)


Our extensively trained skin experts (estheticians) meet you where you’re at to reach your #skingoals!

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Book a consultation

Ask an Expert

Have a specific skin concern or question? Let us help! Complete our consultation form and hear back from our team of trainers with all the advice.

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