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Image: Interior of FACE FOUNDRIÉ Kansas City

Meet the Dynamic Duo: Madison and Lauren, FACE FOUNDRIÉ Franchisees

Meet Madison and Lauren, cousins, mothers, and entrepreneurs who are making waves in the skincare industry as proud co-owners of multiple FACE FOUNDRIÉ franchise locations. They opened three stores in two markets in six months, including Colleyville, Fort Worth, and Kansas City. With a family business background and a passion for skincare, they share valuable lessons in teamwork and the tools of a proven model that propelled their growth, inspiring others to become entrepreneurs through FACE FOUNDRIÉ’s franchise business opportunities.


Background + Experience

MADISON: “Growing up, our mothers started the Sport Clips venture in 2010, owning 21 franchise stores in the greater Minnesota region. This gave us firsthand experience with the world of entrepreneurship. Lauren and I knew that while we were in college, pursuing our careers and honing our skills, the family business could be a place for us to return. However, when COVID struck, it provided us with an opportunity to reflect. We realized we wanted something more, something that spoke to us personally.”


How did the idea of starting a business together originate? 

LAUREN: “In our family, we were expected to bring our individual skills and expertise to the table. After college, I spent a lot of time working in administrative roles, where I organized the backend of businesses and managed accounting tasks. I focused on streamlining systems and improving communication parameters, skills that seamlessly transferred over when we ventured into the franchise model at FACE FOUNDRIÉ.” 

MADISON: “With Lauren’s professional background in admin roles, organizing the backend of businesses, and handling accounting, and my experience in operations and team management, diving into entrepreneurship together felt like a natural step.”



As busy mothers ourselves, we understand the value of time and the importance of easily accessible skincare. The concept of affordable and accessible skincare services appealed to us, especially given our hectic schedules.

MADISON: “I had prior experience with facials and appreciated the convenience of being able to get a facial on the same day.” 

LAUREN: “For me, skincare has always been a focal point. Growing up, I struggled with bad skin, so skincare has been an essential part of my life.”

We looked into a variety of business opportunities, from fast food to coffee shops, but FACE FOUNDRIÉ stood out as the best option. We were particularly impressed by Michele Henry, the store’s welcoming atmosphere, and the staff’s approachability. Attending a discovery day and getting my first facial at FACE FOUNDRIÉ cemented our trust in the brand. Furthermore, we were drawn to the idea of being part of a new and innovative skincare concept. FACE FOUNDRIÉ provided the opportunity to pivot in the market, allowing for growth and flexibility.


Why did you find FACE FOUNDRIÉ’s business model appealing? 

MADISON: “What attracted me to FACE FOUNDRIÉ was its robust support system and tight-knit community among franchisees. Being able to follow a structured playbook, receive support, and tap into a community of fellow franchisees who were going through similar experiences provided invaluable support.” 

LAUREN: “Additionally, the accessibility of Facebook groups and additional support networks enhanced this sense of camaraderie. There’s a notable level of trust and transparency among franchisees, fostering collaboration over competition. Unlike businesses where neighboring franchisees vie for staff and clients, FACE FOUNDRIÉ promotes mutual success. We all want to elevate the brand and see it succeed.”


Could you give us a glimpse into your daily routine? How do you manage your stores, especially those located out of state?

LAUREN: “My day kicks off by checking my emails and getting the kids out the door. By 8 am, I’m at my desk and plugged into my phone. The key to keeping everything running smoothly is having our info well-organized and our processes streamlined. Keeping our team in the loop about products and inventory is important to our business. We want them to know that both Madison and I are just a phone call away whenever they need us.” 

MADISON: “My day is all about keeping things running smoothly on the operations side. We believe in hiring great managers who we know can make those store-level decisions. Collaboration is huge for us; we like giving our managers responsibility and accountability. Good communication is key, especially when you’re juggling family and work commitments. ” 


How important have networking and building connections been in the expansion of your franchise? 

MADISON: “It’s a must. It’s not just about running a business; it’s about being an active participant in the community. Whether it’s through charitable contributions, patronizing local businesses, or fostering partnerships. We place a strong emphasis on cultivating meaningful business relationships, as they provide invaluable insights and opportunities for growth. Learning from others’ experiences and successes has been instrumental in shaping our strategies and approaches.” 

LAUREN: “Madison spearheads much of our relationship-building efforts, leveraging her expertise in this area to establish strong alliances. Having a trusted ally is invaluable, especially when navigating challenges or unforeseen obstacles.”


What valuable lessons have you learned about teamwork and effective communication through your experience as a family duo in business? What have you learned from each other? 

LAUREN: “One important lesson we’ve learned is to keep our focus on solving problems together, rather than letting stress or external factors strain our partnership. We communicate openly about how we approach problem-solving and make a concerted effort to find solutions rather than dwelling on setbacks. We acknowledge that we need each other. How do we support our working and family relationships so that we can do the best job that we do.” 

MADISON: “Approaching challenges as a united front has been key for us. Whether it’s issues with construction, real estate, or client relations, there’s always something new to tackle. We’ve also adopted a mindset of assuming positive intent, which helps us maintain a constructive communication style with each other. Recognizing that mistakes are a part of the learning process, we discuss errors openly and learn from them.” 

We believe that disagreement is not disloyalty, but rather an opportunity for growth. We are willing to have difficult conversations while remaining united as a team. Allowing each other grace when our opinions differ is critical to our cooperative efforts. What’s our goal? To create a workplace in which everyone feels valued and to build generational wealth for our families. We see ourselves as stewards of something greater than ourselves, something that will endure and benefit future generations.


What tools or resources provided by Face Foundrie do you find most helpful in efficiently running your business? 

MADISON: “The point-of-sale system stands out as incredibly user-friendly. It allows us to generate reports tailored to our needs and track metrics the way we prefer. Additionally, having a dedicated marketing team to discuss strategies and performance has been helpful.” 

LAUREN: “I agree, the point-of-sale system has been a game-changer for remote and multi-store monitoring, significantly enhancing efficiency. Corporate communication, including quarterly calls and weekly emails, keeps us informed and aligned with company goals. The constant support and accessibility to ask questions have been instrumental in our growth.”


In your view, what are some essential skills for achieving success as a business or franchise owner?

MADISON: “Never feel embarrassed about asking questions. Building connections within the community is crucial; don’t hesitate to introduce yourself to fellow business owners. Always remember to take pride in being part of the brand.”

LAUREN: “As an owner, understanding that employees are the heart of your business is essential. We are responsible for the culture that we create, and the core values that we share as partners – trust, open communication, and collaboration – are the same ones that define our relationships with our teams. Creating an environment where people can grow and thrive sets the stage for success.”


Interested in owning a fast-growing beauty franchise?

In March 2019, CEO Michele Henry opened the first FACE FOUNDRIÉ location in Edina, Minnesota. From inception, Michele created FACE FOUNDRIÉ as a franchise concept, offering individuals the opportunity to buy a franchise and become entrepreneurs through FACE FOUNDRIÉ’s franchise business opportunities. Today, the brand has 43 locations open with 60 stores projected by the end of 2024.

For entrepreneurs looking to own a franchise in a fast-growing beauty industry and a concept that boasts multiple revenue streams—product, service, and membership sales—FACE FOUNDRIÉ offers a proven model, a supportive development team, and the ability to leverage cost-effective build-out plans with top-notch support. The initial investment is between $334,000 and $670,000. The minimum franchisee financial qualifications are $250,000 in liquidity and $550,000 in net worth.

Learn more by inquiring at facefoundrie.com/franchise.

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