We have always abided by the most strict and highest level of sanitation practices and wanted to inform you of a few more that we have put in place. These are not state mandated protocols and have been done in house on our own accord to make sure every single person walking through our doors, clients and staff alike, are protected to the fullest extent. 

In addition to cleaning stations, wiping down beds with hospital grade wipes, sanitizing tools and all products, we have also implemented additional protocols:

- Cleaning all surfaces every 30 minutes. 

- Implemented contactless check in and check out allowing for a seamless experience and extremely limited contact. Download our app for more information. 

- We are taking the temperature of both guests and clients at the door. 

- There will be floor vinyls to help separate and space out guests accordingly. There will also be signage in the entrance that explain the new protocols for distancing, hand washing, disinfecting the waiting areas, etc.

- We have stopped using facial steamers to avoid the spread of any "shared" air. 

- All team members are required to change gloves between every client and must wear a mask at all times. During your service, your Esthetician will be wearing a face shield for an added layer of protection. 

- We reserve the right to refuse your service you have symptoms or have come into contact with COVID-19. 

- Only customers that have appointments will be allowed in the salon, therefore no children or others will be able to wait in the waiting areas if they are not receiving a service. All clients will be asked to come in at their appointment start time, not earlier, and we will text them when their appointment is ready to begin. No guest will be allowed in until they receive a text that their appointment is ready.

- We will ask lash clients to wear face masks. If they arrive without a mask, we will have some disposable masks for them to use.

- All team members will be required to wear face masks and gloves during their shifts.

- The Salon Managers will monitor walkthroughs on the hour, focused on waiting areas and high traffic zones.

- We will be implementing a Sanitation Station where the coffee station was. There will be a touch-less hand sanitizer, Sterile Sheryl for purchase and disposable masks for those who do not bring their own.

- We have replaced all HVAC filters and will continue to do so regularly. 

- All stores have been deep cleaned and fogged prior to opening. 

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns prior to your appointment by emailing hello@facefoundrie.com!