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Lash Lifts:Everything You Need to Know

Want the dramatic look of lashes without the commitment of extensions? Our LASH LIFT is for you!

Our lash lift perfectly curls the lashes leaving them looking freshly done at all times.

What is it and how is it done? Here is the skinny on our lash lift process:

This semi-permanent service enhances your natural lashes by boosting and lifting them. Unlike lash extensions where a false lash is adhered to the clients natural lash, a lash lift gently curls your natural lashes upwards. Using a non toxic process very similar to a brow lamination or perm.

This is the perfect service is you are looking for maintenance free lashes, traveling for longer periods of time or want to give your lashes a break from extensions. Our lash lifts pair perfectly with a lash tint for anyone with a lighter hair follicle, this creates a dramatic mascara look without the mascara or the daily upkeep!

We ask that you avoid getting your lashes wet for 24 hours after your lash lift to prolong the service as long as possible!

Typically, a lash lift will last six to eight weeks, about the same amount of time as the lash growth cycle, and in some instances it can last up to 10 weeks!

Say goodbye to mascara and eyelash curlers!

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