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FACE FOUNDRIÉ Milwaukee Interior

FACE FOUNDRIÉ has multi-unit opportunities available in the Michigan market!

With a growing demand for accessible and high-quality skincare, FACE FOUNDRIÉ stands out as a leader in the beauty and wellness industry, delivering innovative and cutting-edge services. Our strategic focus on establishing strong brand visibility has driven our expansion across various markets. FACE FOUNDRIÉ has opportunities across the Michigan market. 


Current Michigan Market Development 

Our development in the Michigan market began in December 2022 with the launch of our Birmingham location. We are now poised to expand further, with numerous opportunities in key areas in the Greater Detroit Area including Rochester Hills, Novi, Canton, Auburn Hills, and Grosse Pointe. In addition, there are opportunities in other key locations such as Grand Rapids. These areas are experiencing steady population growth, affluent communities with discretionary income, and vibrant local economies. 

Rochester Hills is family-friendly with excellent schools, while Novi is a thriving retail hub with a high median income. Canton is rapidly growing, combining suburban comfort with urban amenities, and Auburn Hills boasts numerous corporate headquarters and a strong business community. Grosse Pointe is an upscale residential area with a high standard of living. Beyond Detroit, Grand Rapids, known for its arts scene, medical industry, and educational institutions, also provides a dynamic market for innovative skincare services.


Why Franchise with FACE FOUNDRIÉ?

Our innovative concept is transforming the skincare industry, and with a proven model and a supportive development team, FACE FOUNDRIÉ offers the ability to grow and expand your business effectively. 

FACE FOUNDRIÉ is committed to supporting franchise partners through every stage of their business journey. Franchisees are provided with a dedicated project manager and expert real estate partners to assist with site selection, lease negotiations, and build-out phases. They receive comprehensive support from teams specializing in training, operations, and marketing. Ongoing assistance includes daily operational support, pre-and post-opening guidance, business planning meetings, and a franchise portal. Additionally, an in-house creative team, digital partnership guidance, and a Marketing Account Manager ensure effective marketing strategies throughout the lifetime of the Franchise Agreement.

By leveraging a strong franchise model, you’re expanding your business reach while making an impact—providing affordable, accessible skincare to more communities.


Franchise Business Opportunities

In March 2019, CEO, Michele Henry opened the first FACE FOUNDRIÉ location in Edina, Minnesota. From inception, Michele created FACE FOUNDRIÉ as a franchise concept, offering individuals the opportunity to buy a franchise and become entrepreneurs through FACE FOUNDRIÉ’s franchise business opportunities. Today, the brand has 45 locations open and projected to have 60+ locations by the end of 2024. 

For entrepreneurs looking to own a franchise in a fast-growing beauty industry and a concept that boasts multiple revenue streams—product, service, and membership sales—FACE FOUNDRIÉ offers a proven model, a supportive development team, and the ability to leverage cost-effective build-out plans with top-notch support.

The minimum franchisee financial qualifications are $250,000 in liquidity and $550,000 in net worth. 

Learn more by inquiring at facefoundrie.com/franchise

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